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What is it? There are 2 categories of bronchitis: acute and chronic. Both affect the airways found in the trachea, known as the bronchi. They affect them through inflammation of the bronchi’s mucous membranes. Acute bronchitis usually comes on when you have a cold or

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Common Cold

What is it? The common cold is a nuisance that affects everyone daily worldwide. The common cold includes cough, head cold, chest cold, and headaches. In accordance with WebMd the common cold is a collective set of symptoms in the upper respiratory system caused by

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Man having a flu


What is it? Influenza is a very common infection that can strike anyone at any age. Influenza is more commonly known as the flu and is more common during certain times of the year. When the seasons change in certain countries, more people may come

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What is it? An individual with pneumonia has an inflammatory lung condition or, more simply, a lung infection. It generally affects the little tiny air pouches known as the alveoli. Every year about 7% of the world’s population get pneumonia. A couple centuries ago, pneumonia

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What is it? Septicemia or Sepsis is a medical condition caused by a serious infection. Sepsis can be defined as the continuum between an initial infection and organ dysfunction. The immune system responds to the infection by releasing chemicals into the bloodstream and in some

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Strep Throat

What is it? This disease is also known as streptococcal tonsillitis, streptococcal sore throat or streptococcal pharyngitis. It is contagious. It is a pharyngitis created by a group A streptococcal infection. The tonsils, pharynx and the larynx are affected. Causes Group A beta-hemolytic streptococcus (a

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